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About FreeStyle Scootering

Park Riding in skateparks is the most common. Kick scooters, due to their construction, can use most structures, including rails, boxes and even vertical ramps. Some riders enjoy doing 'flyout' tricks and pushing their trick level. Others enjoy more of a relaxed style, based on a combination of BMX and their own style. Many People enjoy doing combos of many tricks over different obstacles such as "Fly Boxes" and in an Air or 180 on a quarter. Street Among inner city riders, using structures such as stairs, ledges, hubbas, handrails, speedbumps, and gaps. Street riders tend to get technical with tricks. Most scooter riders enjoy street to some extent, but only a small group declare themselves as focusing strictly on street riding. Street riding is also a great platform to ride as it gives the riders interesting challenges such as gaps, grind, combinations and lines that they would not normally find in a vert styled skatepark. When street riding, most scooter riders focus on cleanliness of tricks, or how easily it looks for a rider to do them. Street scootering also focusses on a riders style or original way of doing tricks or looking while riding a scooter. Flatland The flatland genre of freestyle scooter riding takes place on flat surfaces such as parking lots, driveways, or tennis/basketball courts. Flatland riders prefer to link smaller tricks up in "combos", or combinations, such as barspins, tailwhips, manuals, hang fives, fakies, scooter fakies, sliders, and many more.

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