Katrina Rokena


About summer school

Japanese youth exchange programme initiative was made by KANZAI -Latvias association in Japan, who in year 2016 began a new exchange programme. In this programme Japanese students, who were interested in Latvian language, Latvian culture and history were given a chance to come to Latvia to spend their summer holidays here.

First studen who too part in this exchange programm was Neo Satake. Neo was living with her guest family for almost a month, learning Latvian language, traveling around Latvia and visiting Latvias most beautiful places, tasting Latvian food and learning about Latvian culture.

In 2017 KANZAI Latvias association decided to expand this exchange programm by giving 3 Japanese students a chance to visit Latvia in their summer holidays to learn about Latvia. And their names are : Ikuta Yuki, Neo Satake and Okuno Yusuke.